Syrup Magazine Presents: Sprial 

Group Exhibition

Installation, Curation, Exhibition, Events

An eclectic celebration of our anxious selves as we navigate life, exploring anxiety as both a driving creative force and paralysing state of being. Featuring film screenings, installations and DJ set by Aurora.

Anxiety is a word used frequently; possibly too frequently. A rather sterile definition is 'a way to describe a feeling of unease or of worry’. This description does not seem to encapsulate just how hard and difficult living with severe anxiety can be.

How can we understand the visceral and intense experience that it entails?

In collaboration with Ladybeard Magazine for Hysteria

Music by Aurora
Images  © Bella Riza


Shelter, Sheltered

With Émilie Loiseleur

A series of installations exploring the duality of how it feels to live with anxiety.

[1] Explores the domestic space as a place of refuge that can also be hard to escape from; featuring hand painted animation by Jenny Jokela, and soundscape by Matt Stefanyszyn.

[2] Plays with scale and textures of domestic objects to create an immersive environment that oscillates between the familiar and the unnatural.



Visual Identity

Film Programming


Moving Image


Hanna Scharage 

Bella Riza

Emily Briselden-Waters / Émilie Loiseleur / Grace Crannis / Hanna Scarage / Jenny Jokela / Lily Jones / Rachel Davey

THE HAPPIEST BARRACK I A LEGVIDÁMABB BARAKK by with introduction by director Noémi Varga

Fern by Xiao Wei Lu

Mussles !   by Simji Park

BodyWorld by Kitty Faingold

@ Guest Projects