New For Old Residency

As part of the British Council project, 2016-17

Residency, Research, Documentary, Exhibition

This  residency focused on the lives and experiences of female artisans in rural communities of northern Vietnam. Over three weeks, I spent time in the homes, lives, and workshops of Black H’mong, Blue H’mong and White Thai ethnic women in Sa Pa and Hao Binh provinces, as well as on the streets of Hanoi. The women lead tough, physically demanding lives and practice traditional craft skills and weaving techniques that have not changed for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years.

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The Age of No Retirement 

Exhibition design by Mentsen
Many of the women we met are inspirational leaders in their communities, who, alongside their craft, run businesses, care for their families, work in the fields, run community groups, and teach other women about birth control and health issues. The trip sought to identify the cultural contexts and daily realities within which the artisans work, collecting sound, objects and images for an exhibition in London during London craft week in 2017.

Thảo Vu
Hûyen Nguyen
Tenaya Steed

All images © Tenaya Steed and Grace Crannis.

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